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Spray Play

an iOS, Android and Kindle Game by Brian Jordan

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Spray Play screenshot

How to Play

Spray Play is a two player game in which you try to knock objects into each your opponent's goal area using your nifty pellet cannon.

The controls are simple: just press your finger on your side of the screen in the direction you'd like to spray your pellets.

If you successfully send that object into your opponent's area, you collect it as a trophy -- a gleeful memory of your opponent's shame.

Where to get the game

To get the source above, click on one of the package links above or clone the repository at

To build the source, you'll need the Corona Simulator.

You can also request to be added to my game testing group to test on an iOS device via TestFlight.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Spray Play? Check this page for support updates or message me for support on github, username @bcjordan.